Stretch Out - Home Wear is a project about arriving at new places. Why do I sometimes feel at home right away and other times like I don’t belong there? I wonder how we make these unknown places our own.

With this project I examine how we create a place for ourselves in the different spaces we live in. I noticed that a lot of buildings and rooms had a very predetermined function, which left almost no room for my own personal habits. The tent I have designed functions as an independent and flexible space, that will give you the opportunity to settle wherever you want. Guerrilla camping in your own home.

The collection consist of a tent made from an untreated Beech frame hold together with raw metal joints and a cotton rope with a built-in light cable. The wool blanket with wood patterns serves as the floor and the jersey tent cloth creates an intimate space.

The tent gives you the opportunity to endlessly arrange and rearrange yourself all over the place. This process of construction is an important part of the design; building your home by literally taking up space.

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